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NDHoF 2001 Results


Blind Draw 501 (96 Entries)

1st-John Martin/Tom Stewart ($200)
2nd-Keith Roberts/Mike Pitt ($100)
T4-Ed Redstock/Scott Sampson, Wade Wilcox/Christina Campbell ($50)
T8-Alan Matthews/Clarence Pope, Scott Cantrell/Dave High, Mac McCurdy/Tom Hill, Jerry Umberger/Kathy Kneff ($20)

Blind Draw Cricket (92 Entries)

1st- Jennifer Ehlert/Tom Stewart ($240)
2nd-Doug Watkins/Ashley Holgate ($120)
T4-Gary Barrett/Gary Stone, Scott Cantrell/Clarence Pope ($60)

T8-Christina Campbell/Kevin Harrington, Sandi Lawless/Bruce Cotrell, Tim Hopkins/Josh Arnott ($30)


Open Doubles Cricket (34 Teams)

1st-Ed Rebstock/Tom Stewart ($240)
2nd-Gary Stone/Darren Parzow ($120)
T4-Howard Grimm/Bruce Cotrell, Greg Collins/Doug Watkins ($60)
T8-Bill Dye/Bob Bickerman, Clarence Pope/John Casper, Les Haga/Barry Dudley, Tom Hill/Jim Schmuck ($30)

Ladies Doubles Cricket (11 Teams)

1st-Chantel Webb/Jennifer Ehlert ($140)
2nd-Deb Lewis/Lydia Wilcox ($70)
T4-Deb Stewart/Christina Campbell, Kathy Kneff/Moncel Petitto ($40)
T8-Vanessa Chambers/Alex Campbell, Erika Males/Tracey Toms, Lynn Freitas/Dorothy Spencer, Sandi Lawless/Debbie Straiton ($20)

Men's Singles 501 (71 Entries)

1st-Jerry Umberger ($240)
2nd-Barry Dudley ($120)
T4-Ed Rebstock, Scott Sampson ($60)

T8-John Straiton, Dave Ailstock, Milan Savic, Art Slater ($30)

T16-Bill Gouer, Darren Parzow, Bruce Cotrell, Wade Wilcox, Dave Reese, Terry Stine, Bob Grega, (unknown) ($15)

Ladies' Singles 501 (27 Entries)

1st-Deb Lewis ($120)
2nd-Moncel Petitto ($60)
T4-Chantel Webb, Lynn Freitas ($30)
T8-Jennifer Ehlert, Christina Campbell, Mary Curry, Lydia Wilcox ($20)

Mixed Doubles 501 (37 Teams)

1st-Milan Savic/Chantel Webb ($240)
2nd-Steve Oberti/Julia Gillum ($120)
T4-Bruce Cotrell/Deb Lewis, Jim Schmuck/Wilma Schmuck ($60)
T8-Doug Watkins/Linda Bender, Christina Campbell/Kevin Harrington, John Straiton/Debbie Straiton, Janet Symenski/Bob Grega ($30)

Open Doubles 501 (29 Team)

1st-Milan Savic/Tim Hopkins ($240)
2nd-Rickie "Truck" Davis/Steve Oberti ($120)
T4-Gary Stone/Darren Parzow, Doug Watkins/Greg Collins ($60)
T8-Ed Rebstock/Tom Stewart, Alan Matthews/Wade Wilcox, Bobby Hull/Alvin Ciprich, Chris Bender/Mike McLaurin ($30)

Ladies' Doubles 501 (12 Teams)

1st-Chantel Webb/Jennifer Ehlert ($140)
2nd-Lori Poliquin/Debra "Nutty" Peterson ($70)
T4-Christina Campbell/Deb Stewart, Alex Campbell/Vanessa Chambers ($40)
T8-Lydia Wilcox/Deb Lewis, Sandy Lawless/Debbie Straiton, Dorothy Spencer/Julia Gillum, Therese Saleone/Cindy Leonard ($20)

Mixed Doubles Cricket (24 Teams)

1st-Wade Wilcox/Lydia Wilcox ($240)
2nd- Milan Savic/Chantel Webb ($120)
T4-Tim Hopkins/Jennifer Ehlert, Bruce Cotrell/Deb Lewis ($60)
T8-John Casper/Karen Vilsack, Debbie Straiton/John Straiton, Kevin Harrington/Christina Campbell, Doug Watkins/Lori Poliquin ($30)

"Almost Heaven" Luck of the Draw (25 Teams)

1st-Doug Watkins/Woody Reese ($240) 2nd-Tom Rowe/Gary Stone ($120) T4-Mike McLaurin/Tom Stewart, John Dennis/Wade Wilcox ($60) T8-Alvin Ciprich/Moncel Petitto, Dorothy Spencer/Tom Hill, Scott Sampson/David Thibault, Howard Grimm/Amy Cochran ($30)


Ladies Singles Cricket (18 Entries)

1st-Moncel Petitto ($120)
2nd-Christina Campbell ($60)
T4-Lynn Freitas, Debra "Nutty" Peterson ($30)
T8-Dorothy Spencer, Deb Lewis, Vanessa Chambers, Alex Campbell ($20)

Men's Singles Cricket (40 Entries)

1st-Jerry Umberger ($240)
2nd-Bruce Cotrell ($120)
T4- John Straiton, Alan Matthews ($60)
T8-Wade Wilcox, Tom Bell, Scott Cantrell, Bob Bickelman ($30)

T16-Tom Stewart, Woody Reese, Ed Rebstock, Howard Grimm, Clarence Pope, Jake Keefauver, Rich Campbell, Jeff Brasseur ($15)

Mixed Triples 501 (20 Teams)

1st-Deb Stewart/Tom Stewart/Ed Rebstock ($300)
2nd-Jim Schmuck/Wilma Schmuck/Tom Hill ($150)
T4-Alan Matthews/Lydia Wilcox/Wade Wilcox, Tom Rowe/Jim Wall/Amy Cochran ($75)
T8-Bruce Cotrell/Deb Lewis/Howard Grimm, Larry Smith/Debra "Nutty" Peterson/Rob Aruta, Vanessa Chambers/Gary Barrett/Jake Keefauver, Jerry Umberger/Terry Stine/Debbie Stine ($45)

West Virginia State Men's / Ladies' 501 "Winner Takes All"

Men's (27 Entries)

1st-Tom Bell ($270)
2nd-Bill Gouer
T4-Dave Carpenter, Scott Cantrell
T8-Alan Matthews, Jeff Brasseur, Howard Grimm, Jim Schmuck

Ladies (11 Entries)

1st-Debra "Nutty" Peterson ($110)
2nd-Terri Stromer
T4-Alex Campbell, Vanessa Chambers
T8-Michelle Poliquin, Kim Prieto, Wilma Schmuck

T80-Christina Campbell, Scott Cantrell (2), Tom Hill (2), Tom Stewart, Milan Savic (2), Dave Reese, Bill Gouer, Lydia Wilcox

Ro9-Mac McCurdy, Steven King, Milan Savic (2), Jim Schmuck, Dave Reese

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