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National Darts Hall of Fame 2002 Results

Friday, September 27, 2002

Luck of the Draw 501 (54 entries)

1st-Tom Stewart/Kerry Anthony ($146)
2nd-Ed Rebstock/Tom White ($96)
T4-Damon Wright/Ashley Holgate; Alan Matthews/Christine Campbell ($48)
T8-Jim Schmuck/Timothy Tanner; Mary McDonald/Jerry Riffle; Jeff Morris/Gary Stone; Chris Bender/Jeff Brasseur ($25)

Luck of the Draw 501/Cricket/301 (54 entries)

1st-Ed Rebstock/Alan Matthews ($146)
2nd-Howard Grimm/Pattie Rodgers ($96)
T4-Jennifer Ehlert/Ashley Holgate; Darren Parzow/Tom Stewart ($48)
T8-Wilma Schmuck/Scott Green; Gary Stone/Chris Bender; Howard Riffle/Jeff Brasseur; Bruce Cottrell/David Hickman ($25)

Saturday, September 28, 2002

Mixed Doubles 501 (21 teams)

1st-Tim Hopkins/Jennifer Ehlert ($120)
2nd-Chris Bender/Linda Bender ($74)
T4-Moncel Petito/Ed Rebstock; Tom Stewart/Deb Stewart ($36)
T8-Christine Campbell/John Maracle; Darren Parzow/Missy Rodgers; Wilma Schmuck/Jim Schmuck; John Cutler/Pattie Rogers ($25)

Men's Singles Cricket (44 entries)

1st-Jerry Umberger ($120)
2nd-Tom Stewart ($90)
T4-Chris Bender; John Cutler ($40)
T8-Bill Gouer, Chris Kohut, Gary Stone, Damon Wright ($25)

Ladies Singles Cricket (15 entries)

1st-Christine Campbell ($40)
2nd-Kathy Kneff ($27)
T4-Mary McDonald; Tracey Toms ($14)

Men's Doubles 501 (24 teams)

1st- Gary Stone/Darren Parzow ($130)
2nd-Jim Schmuck/Larry Jenkins ($86)
T4-Jerry Riffle/George Sizemore; Ed Rebstock/Tom Stewart ($44)
T8-Mike Aducci/Bob Walton; Damon Wright/Ashley Holgate; Chris Bender/Mike McLaurin; Alan Matthews/Chuck McClay ($22)

Ladies Doubles 501 (10 teams)

1st-Mary McDonald/Christine Campbell ($80)
2nd-Deb Lewis/Jennifer Ehlert ($56)
T4-Amy Gartrell/Lisa Jenkins; Paula Bushey/Kim Skinner ($30)

Men's Doubles Cricket (20 teams)

1st-Tom Stewart/Ed Rebstock ($108)
2nd-Gary Stone/Darren Parzow ($72)
T4-Ashley Holgate/Damon Wright; Chuck McClay/Alan Matthews ($36)
T8-Tom White/David Thibault; Mike McClay/Chris Bender; Daniel Denkovich/David Hickman; Tim Hopkins/Howard Grimm ($20)

Ladies Doubles Cricket (9 teams)

1st- Mary McDonald/Christine Campbell ($48)
2nd- Paula Bushey/Kim Skinner ($32)
T4-Deb Lewis/Jennifer Ehlert; Kathy Kneff/Bertie White ($16)

Luck of the Draw (501/Cricket/Choice) (34 entries)

1st-Tom Stewart/Matt Koons ($90)
2nd-Mary McDonald/Chris Kohut ($60)
T4-Karl Remick/Jeff Brasseur; David Thibault/Missy Rogers ($30)

Sunday, September 29, 2002

Mixed Trips 601 (16 teams)

1st-Gary Stone/Terry Stromer/Darren Parzow ($130)
2nd-Tom Stewart/Deb Stewart/Ed Rebstock ($86)
T4-Keith Mascia/Julie Mascia/Mark Shellhammer; Scott Green/Amanda Fisher/Keith Mathews ($44)
T8-Mary McDonald/Ashley Holgate/Damon Wright; Alan Matthews/Amy Gartrell/Chuck McClay; Missy Rogers/David Thibault/Rob Aruta; Karl Remick/Glenn Remick/Christine Campbell ($30)

Men's Singles 501 (25 entries)

1st-Tom Stewart ($67)
2nd-Alan Matthews ($45)
T4-Damon Wright; Howard Grimm ($22)
T8-John Cutler; Clarence Pope; Keith Mascia; Chris Bender ($12)

Ladies Singles 501 (13 entries)

1st-Sally Moran ($40)
2nd-Mary McDonald ($30)
T4-Amy Gartrell; Deb Stewart ($15)

T80s-Howard Grimm, Ed Rebstock (4), Tim Hopkins (2), Mike McLaurin, Alan Matthews, George Sizemore, Chris Bender

RO9s-John Cutler, Bill Gouer, Chris Bender, Alan Matthews (2)

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