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Charity Darts Systems
proudly presents the
National Darts Hall of Fame

Greetings to all whose presence we now enjoy. Let it be known that Charity Dart Systems was founded in 1985 for the purposes of endeavoring to further the sport of darts, while making concerted efforts to help neighbors in need. In as much as Darts is a family sport, Charity Dart Systems and its offshoot the National Darts Hall of Fame (NDHOF) intend to provide opportunities for playing darts in a supportive, professional, and encouraging atmosphere.

The NDHOF has held at least one tournament per year and the Founders, Board of Directors, and Members have proudly contributed thousands of dollars to charitable causes. As an organization, the NDHOF specializes in assisting in cases where large charities have reached the limits of the assistance they can provide or for which no organization is available. All of the positions held are volunteer positions and no one receives a salary. We proudly carry on the traditions of our sport: beginning and ending each game with a handshake, and providing events for all the family!

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