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It was a "league night" in 1985, when a young man came to Jim Poliquin and asked if there was anything that Jim might do to help his niece. She was in Children's Hospital, Washington, D.C., and was in imminent need of a liver transplant. Her name was Sahara Lynn. After giving it some thought, Jim contacted other players and organized a few "Luck of the Draw" tournaments. He found that his fellow darters were willing and generous in their efforts to aid others. He then began to sponsor more of the Draws to assist other programs. It was in this manner that Charity Dart Systems (CDS) came into existence.

In 1987 CDS thought it proper and timely to hold a tournament to celebrate with Nick Chantiles upon his retirement. Over many years Nick had organized countless dart events and was tireless in his support of the game and the players. Nick's influence had been both local and national. He had brought the North American Open to the Nation's Capital and was the first to organize an annual major women's only weekend tournament. CDS asked his many friends to attend, and among the citations awarded at the event was a recognition of the guest of honor. Jim recalls, "It seemed fitting at the time to merely inscribe that plaque with...'Nick Chantiles, Hall of Fame.'"

CDS has been making the Hall of Fame awards since that monumental occassion. The National Darts Hall of Fame has blossomed from that seed to encompass the will, the lore, and the spirit of the entire dart family. The focus of Charity Dart Systems, in its evolved role, is (1) to solicit the collective opinions of the players, organizational personnel, and related services (2) to be caretaker to the selection process, and (3) to recognize excellence and outstanding effort.

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