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Members of the National Darts Hall of Fame

1980s | 1990s | 2000s


Bill Corrigan Player/Promoter Maryland
Jim Watkins Player Pennsylvania
Nancy McClain Behind the Scenes West Virginia
Timmy Nicole Player/Behind the Scenes Ohio
Lynn Martin Player Maryland
Clarksburg Dart League Promoter West Virginia
Scott Wollaston Player Ohio
3G's Lounge Behind the Scenes Michigan
Jon Verwey Player Canada
Dave Green Player Canada
Steve Hertzfield Player Michigan
Bob Adamson Player Illinois
Cleveland Dart Club Promoter Ohio
Tom Yurcich Player Ohio
Jim Boan Behind the Scenes Georgia


James Jack Coon
Killed April 4 2007 IRAQ
(2001 Champion)
Alexander Duff Player Scotland
David "Ronnie" Tilch BHS/Promoter Maryland
Jefferson Security Bank Behind the Scenes West Virginia
David "Woody" Reese Player/Behind the Scenes Maryland
Chris Deatley Player/Behind the Scenes Virginia
Terry Heineman Behind the Scenes Virginia
Sandy Heineman Behind the Scenes Virginia
Western Maryland Dart Association Promoter Maryland
John McGregor Behind the Scenes Canada
Al Moskwyn Player Canada
Louie LeCoque Player Indiana
Leonard Sample Behind the Scenes Indiana
Bench Pub Promoter Michigan
Paul Farwell Behind the Scenes Michigan
Windy City Darts Promoter Illinois


Barry "Bear" McDonald Player Maryland
Claudine Cross Behind the Scenes West Virginia
John Frazier Promoter/Sponsor Maryland
Katherine "K8T" Pietras Player Virginia
Jennifer Ehlert Player Ohio
Ruth Pietras Player/Promoter Virginia
Mike Schawalder Promoter Virginia
Ashley Stewart Player (Youth) Pennsylvania
Scott Frazier Behind the Scenes Maryland
David Haines Behind the Scenes West Virginia
Mike Harris Behind the Scenes North Carolina
Scott Merritt Player/Promoter Ohio
Clive Eynon Behind the Scenes Canada
John Wald Behind the Scenes Illinois
Carol Collett Behind the Scenes Canada
Westwood Promoter Michigan
Paul Metevier Player Michigan
Nancy Visocki Player Illinois
Rocky Johnson Behind the Scenes/Promoter Michigan
Moose Lodge #120 (Martinsville) Sponsor West Virginia


Dorothy Spencer Player Maryland
Ricky Villanueva Player Texas
Doug Watkins Player Maryland
Chris Linkous Player Virginia
Lisa Lima Player/Behind the Scenes New Hampshire
Gloria Umberger Behind the Scenes Pennsylvania
Rick Donovan Behind the Scenes Pennsylvania
Mike Broderick Promoter Pennsylvania
Richard Pietras, Sr. Promoter Virginia
Lori Burgett Player Michigan
Isen Veljic Player Illinois
David DePriest Player Michigan
Gary Mawson Player Canada
Shawn Brenneman Player Canada
Ed "Bam Bam" DeBehnke Player Illinois
Dennis Bushie Behind the Scenes Ohio
Merry Mac Gregor Player Illinois


Jim Askham Player Illinois
Yogi Yruegas Player Michigan
Ray Carver Player New Hampshire
Peter Citera Player Illinois
John Cutler Player Virginia
Carol DePriest Player Michigan
Grand Rapids Dart League Promoter Michigan
Ryan Mahaffey Youth Virginia
Mary Kathy Neff Player Virginia
John Kuczynski Player Pennsylvania
Dan Olson Player Canada
Deb Parker Player North Carolina
Libby Ramsbottom Behind the Scenes Maryland
Aaron Watson Youth Massachusetts
Brian Watson Youth Massachusetts
Darin Young Player Pennsylvania
Ervin Moo Young Player Illinois
Ray Brown Player Maryland
Rita Sands Promoter Michigan
Sherilyn Herkey Behind the Scenes Missouri


Tom Vigna Player Pennsylvania
Joe Hogan Player New York
Darren Parzow Player Virginia
Christina Campbell Player Kentucky
Chris Bender Promoter Virginia
Martin Huver Promoter Michigan
Washington Area Darts Association (WADA) Promoter Washington, D.C.
Robyn Bishop Behind the Scenes Maryland


Howard Grimm Player West Virginia
Jim Schmuck Player West Virginia
Stephan Lord Player Sweden
Mike McLaurin Behind the Scenes Maryland
Jim Wall Behind the Scenes West Virginia
Lori Bauernschub Behind the Scenes Maryland
Alex Campbell Behind the Scenes West Virginia
Tidewater Area Darts Association (TADA) Promoter Virginia
Central Virginia Darts Association (CVDA) Promoter Virginia
Richard "Moose" Kindel Promoter Ohio


Gary Stone Player England
Tom Bell Player West Virginia
Mary McDonald Player Canada
Sharon Borgeson Player Virginia
Glenn Remick Promoter Missouri
David Thibault Youth Virginia
George Sizemore Behind the Scenes/Promoter Virginia
Bruce Gerber Behind the Scenes/Promoter Michigan


Luis Martinez Player Texas
Dan Lauby Player Indiana
Steve Oberti Player Maryland
Caroline Mars Player Massachusetts
Mischelle Johnson Player California
Dan Pucillo Player  
Jason Lucas Player Maryland
Tom Stewart Player Pennsylvania
Deb Stewart Player Pennsylvania
Nally Sponsor Canada
Catherine Haycock Behind the Scenes Canada
Sandi Cain Promoter California
Bob Lanctot Promoter Canada
Charity Corrigan Youth  
Kari Stevenson Youth Missouri
Kevin Luke Youth  
Kirt Johnson Youth Texas


Dennis Priestley Player England
Ralph Stevenson Player New Jersey
Bob Theide Player Pennsylvania
Neil Dickerson Player New York
Allan Matthews Player West Virginia
Paula Delp Player North Carolina
Diane Rutkowski Player Virginia
Deb Lewis Player Ohio
Amy Gartrell Player Virginia
Berti White Player Ohio
Joe Edwards (Blueberry Hill) Promoter Missouri
L & B Enterprises Promoter New York
Minute Man Dart League Sponsor Massachusetts
Marshall Popp Behind the Scenes Connecticut
Albert Mendoza Youth Washington
Jason Smith Youth Massachusetts
Gary Barrett Youth West Virginia
Wayne Creeden Youth Maryland

1980s | 1990s | 2000s

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